Shouldn’t Private Companies Have the Right to Choose

Hobby Lobby is a company owned by a man who is the epitome of the American Dream. He built a successful company that began with only $600. He has donated a half of billion dollars to various causes during his lifetime. Now his company faces fines of up to $1.3 million per day for refusing to abide by Obamacare rules. Hobby Lobby’s owners object to being forced to finance certain drugs like Plan B and Ella (or the “morning-after” and “week-after” pills) which the FDA notes can terminate pregnancy after conception “by preventing attachment (implantation) to the womb (uterus).”

Shouldn’t a private company retain the right to choose?

Is it the role of the government to mandate minimum standards that provide for the basic the safety and well-being for its citizens?

Is it the role of the government to make sure that all American citizens are provided identical opportunities?

Is it the role of the government to dictate policy to private companies?

Is it the role of the government to mandate minimum wages and minimum standard work environments that are safe?

Interesting thoughts for and interesting time. Continue reading

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It Takes $$ To Make $$

When I was a teenager, I learned the saying: “it takes money to make money.” I am not sure where I heard it or who told me, but it stuck with me. Years later, I realized that my father believed it and most successful business people that I knew also believed it.

I learned as an young adult that I needed to make money so that I would have enough money to invest to earn more or to buy other items that would allow me to earn more money. The concept is quite simple.

Let’s consider a person earning minimum wage that just barely pays his or her bills at the end of each month. He will not be able to collect interest, invest in the stock market, have a retirement fund or save money to purchase a house. That person does not have enough money to make money. He may survive and even be happy, but he will never have a chance to improve his lifestyle.

Conversely, a person that earns $500 per month more than what he or she needs to pay his or her bills has options. She can save for a house, have a retirement fund,  keep it in savings or have an amazing art collection. The choice it hers.

Fast forward to now…. drum roll please…. if the American government raises the taxes for ANYONE or EVERYONE, each person that is impacted will have less money to spend. Since it takes money to make money, the cash flow for the entire country will be reduced.

The fiscal cliff will become higher and higher.  There will be larger and larger gaps between the upper class, the middle class and the low class. Attaining the American Dream will become more and more difficult.

It takes more to make money.

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Your Attention is Precious

Your attention is precious. Be thoughtful and careful when sharing your gift. Do not waste your attention on people or things that are not deserving. Your attention should be given to people and.or things that matter. Your attention is a special gift that not everyone deserves.

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I’m Back

A great deal has happened since my last post. Now that is behind me. Its time to start thinking again!

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Broken Spirit

I think that my spirit has been broken and I am not sure how to recover. This isn’t like the time that I was cut from the musical and I cried in the bathroom stall for an hour. This isn’t like the time that I realized that the boy that I thought I loved didn’t love me back and I lived life in a depressed daze for a few days. This isn’t like the day my grandfather died when I sobbed for hours and then realized that he was in a better place.

My core aches. My inner spirit is bruised. My spirit has been broken. My passion has been sucked out of me.

I guess in many ways I should be happy that have been able to work at a job that I truly did love at least in the beginning. No shovelling coal, cutting wood, waiting tables, or answering phones for me. Because I loved my job, my job took advantage of me. I worked more hours than most and had more responsiblity than most. For much of my career, my pay was low in comparison.  Fortunately, I didn’t just work for the money. I wanted to be able to have enough money to lead a decent life, have a house and take vacations.

What drives me to really be successful is my passion, strength and desire to do my best and to do what is right. I grew up in an environment where doing my best and doing what was right, were not expected… they were demanded! I have tried to achieve these goals in my life, but for about the past five years I have realized that most people do not value them as much as I do.

Making the tough love but “right” decision is something that I used to be applauded for. When I do this now, I am called a bitch.

Encouraging those around me to work until the product is “right” is something that used to be celebrated. Now it is a negative characteristic and is considered to be mean.

I worked hard and long on an improvement plan that was completely disregarded. It hurt my feelings. It taught me a lesson. It made me angry. It did not break my spirit.

Now as I watch one of my co-workers (that reports to me) be completely disrespected and misunderstood by my boss, I feel like the air is being sucked from my lungs and my spirit is broken. The best co-worker that I have ever worked with is completely disregarded. He isn’t replaceable. His passion runs strong. His efforts are always top-notch. He cares more than anyone else.

When it happened to me, I didn’t like it. But now I have to see it and I can’t bear to watch it any longer. I can’t bear to live it any longer. Yet I have no other job to run to and no other place to go.

My spirit has been broken and I am not sure if I will ever recover.

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Left Lane is For Fast Vehicles

Nothing is more frustrating than to be on a long drive on major highways and be surrounded by motorists that are oblivious about what is happening around them. I am not talking about the occasional driver that has been on the highway and is tired. I am talking about hundreds of drivers that pay no attention to anything that is happening. These are the people who could get side-swiped by a black SUV and when the police interview them they think that they are hit by a red compact car. They are just clueless!

My most recent sources of frustration are the vehicles that insist on driving in the left lane.  It doesn’t matter what their speeds are or what the speed limit is… for some reason they have a personal requirement to drive in the left lane. For example, the speed limit can be 70 mph and the car in the right lane could be going 45 mph. Oblivious Driver #1 will drive 47 mph in the left lane! A UFO could approach at the speed of light and slam on the brakes to avoid running over Oblivious Driver #1 and Oblivious Driver #1 would never notice.

Oblivious Driver #2 drives a tractor trailer.  Oblivious Driver #2 doesn’t look in the mirror before pulling out into the left lane accelerating up a hill to pass another truck going slowly up the hill. When Oblivious Driver #2  pulls out to make the pass he is moving pretty well but them he has to shift and slows down to the same speed as the other truck. The result is lots of traffic backed up behind him!


Drivers need to look in their mirrors and pay more attention to their surroundings. The left lane is for fast vehicles. If you aren’t fast, stay in the right lane!

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We Remember

I am proud to be an American!

Thank you to all those that serve the country. I salute the armed forces,  emergency responders, police and firemen.

I appreciate all that you do for the safety and security of our precious freedom.

I will always remember September 11, 2001.

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Without warning an earthquake that registered 5.9 on the Ritcher scale hit much of the East Coast. Since then, the East Coast was hit by a hurricane and floods. Are the Mayans correct? Is it time to run for the hills? Are locusts arriving next?

The Mayans have accurately predicted every lunar and solar eclipse, so they at least know A LOT about the stars.

Dec. 21, 2012, is a very significant day on the Mayan calendar, but thanks to the Spaniards that ransacked their land and burnt their books and records, we don’t exactly know what is supposed to happen. Some predict that a time of wisdom and enlightenment will begin, other believe it will be the Biblical Judgement Day and some think the world will end due to a nuclear war.

What do you think? Are you asking for forgiveness just in case?

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Time to Compete

I am still collecting information on presidential candidates so I am not supporting any candidate in particular. However, this plan seems practical and logical…..

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Music in My Ears

Close your eyes and try thinking about nothing: what happens?

I typically listen to the sounds of my surroundings such as the buzz of the lights, the fan of the air-conditioner or voices in the hallway for a few minutes.

Once I have exhausted all of the sounds native to the environment I begin to hear music. My ears actually recall music that I have previously heard.

Eventually the music is overcome by my thoughts’ increasing in volume inside my head.

Do you ever experience music in your ears?

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